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Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

Deploying Core Products to Production


See Naming Conventions.


This is the procedure for deploying a new version of a CESSDA core product (one of CDC, CVS, EQB, ELSST) to the production environment.

Relevant Roles

See the ‘Product Coordination’ document for definition of roles.

  • Technical Contact

  • Content Contact

  • User Group

  • Platform Contact

Technical Contact

Creates an issue in the tool-specific issue tracker in Bitbucket, changes the status to OPEN and assigns it to the Content Contact for the tool.

  • Recommend pattern for issue title is ‘Release version X.Y.Z of <tool name> to production’

  • For traceability, the version number of the release must be included in the issue.

  • The relevant repositories must be tagged with the release version number.

  • For verification purposes, the changelog must be referenced.

Remedies any reported defects, updates the issue accordingly and re-assigns the issue to the Content Contact.

Content Contact

Checks version X.Y.Z of the tool in the staging environment, to ensure the reported changes are present and correct. Involve the User Group in evaluating the changes, if required.

Changes issue status to RESOLVED if the reported changes are present and correct and assigns the issue to the Platform Contact. Or leaves the issue status as OPEN, updates the issues with details of the defects, and re-assigns it to the Technical Contact.

Platform Contact

Deploys the specified version of the tool to production (provided the issue is marked as RESOLVED), checks that the deployment has succeeded and closes the issue.