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Platform Team Responsibilities


See Naming Conventions.

Update CI Tools

See Updating CI Tools.

Create repositories

Create Jenkins jobs

A Jenkins jobs is needed to run the build, test and deployment pipeline. See Create a New Jenkins Job. If there is a database component, then jobs are needed to backup and restore the database contents as well as deploying a specified version of the database schema.

Create DNS records

Needed for development, staging and production instances (see CESSDA naming conventions). Then update the Product Endpoint Details file.

Create/edit Jenkinsfile for each repository

Provide a basic pipeline to build, test and deploy the component. See Building Maven Projects With Jenkins for details.

See also TemplateJenkinsfileForJDK11MavenProjects and Adding the Deployment Jenkinsfile.

Work with developers to create test suites to be used by the pipeline.

  • Development. Work with developers to create staging builds for user group testing. If relevant, ensure the job for deploying a specified version of the database schema runs successfully.

  • Staging. Work with users and developers to approve production builds. See the Software Releases proceedure for details.

  • Production. If relevant, ensure the database backup and restore jobs run successfully.

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