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Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

CVS Agency creation guidelines

Service Description and Main features

The CESSDA Vocabulary Service enables communities and organisations to create, manage and publish their own vocabularies, thus enhancing data interoperability by enabling users to search and download controlled vocabularies. The CESSDA Vocabulary Service provides a discovery interface where vocabularies can be searched, browsed, and downloaded, and an editing interface where vocabularies are managed, translated, and versioned using persistent identifiers and citations.

Community Response

Smaller organisations may face technical and resource constraints when hosting and managing their own vocabularies. The CESSDA Vocabulary Service alleviates these challenges by providing a reliable and user-friendly platform to host and manage vocabularies, making it easier for organisations to share and exchange their controlled vocabularies with others.

Licences and Agreement

To use the CESSDA Vocabulary Service to create, manage and publish their own CVs, an organisation must notify CESSDA ERIC by using the online form below, and agree to comply with the Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, and Service Level Agreement provided by CESSDA.

Hosting Information and Registration

To get an Agency, so that they can create, manage and publish their own CVs, organisations need to provide the following parameters via the online application form.

Attribute Name Definition Type Required
Agency name Name of organisation providing the vocabularies Required? Mandatory
Agency website URL Web page of the organisation String Mandatory
Agency identifier URN registered to the agency. Used for resolution of vocabularies and terms Mandatory Mandatory
Number of editors Potential number of Editors attached to Agency String Optional
Contact name Main contact for the Agency Mandatory Mandatory
Contact email Email address of the Contact person String Mandatory