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Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

End User Documentation


Provide guidance for CESSDA Content Contacts, so they know what is expected of them with respect to producing end user documentation.

It should be read in conjunction with the CESSDA Technical Guidelines, in particular the SML requirement CA1.1.

User manual

General requirements

  • Ensure that the content is directly related to the current version of the product
  • Clearly state the version number of the documentation, which should match the current version of the product
  • Optionally add a date (month and year is sufficient)
  • State the license of the content of the documentation (use Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International unless there is a very good reason not to)
  • Include a glossary and define any abbreviations and specialised terms.

Specific requirements

  • Explain the use of the principal features (as defined by the Use Cases/User Stories)
  • Explain any customisations that are available (settings, options etc that the End User can change or select so that they have a personalised experience).