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Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

Code Archiving

In certain cases, CESSDA can ensure continued access to open source code of orphaned software developed in research projects associated with CESSDA.

If this is agreed with CESSDA ERIC, the following requirements must be met

  • The intellectual property must be assigned to CESSDA ERIC.
  • Licenses and contributors must be clearly stated.
  • The purpose and original development reason (such as grant specifications) must be clearly stated.
  • The projects must have an appropriate README, which makes clear that development has ceased.

Before ownership can be transferred, the following must be done

  • The final version of the code must be published with appropriate metadata identifying its origin and submitted to the CESSDA Community.
  • The code must be available at Software Heritage.
  • The Zenodo DOI and Software Heritage links must be included in the README.
  • The repository‚Äôs orphaned status must be made clear in the README and its title has to carry the appropriate badge:
# Repository Title ![unmaintained](