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Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

URN Handling and Resolution

General Information

CESSDA uses Uniform Reseource Names (URNs), as required by the DDI standards. CESSDA has registered its primary agency and sub-agencies at the DDI Agency Registry.

CESSDA does not provide URN resolution and there is currently no central resolver. However, CESSDA operate multiple sub-agencies for each distinct services


  • Content hosted using CVS is canonically exposed with a URN


ELSST’s canonical URLs are resolved to the Skosmos instance using redirects. Every concept has a unique identifier which is mapped using the URI template.

  • URN form: urn:ddi:int.cessda.elsst:{uuid}:{version}
  • URI form:{uuid} for the latest,{version}/{uuid}

Versions are written as an ascending number, e.g. 1, 2, 3. We do not have a way to resolve versions at the moment.

The form to use in the SKOS representation matches the URI form, with dc:isVersionOf set to the versionless/latest identifier for each concept. For the root the ID is with dc:isVersionOf set to